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Things to Do When Opening a Cafe

Opening A CafeThere are countless things to get done when opening a cafe, from getting the premises and renovating it to hiring a team and buying a coffee machine.

Here’s a useful 17 point Checklist of Things to Do When Opening a Cafe:

  1. Write a Detailed Business Plan
  2. Find Partners and Investors to Help Finance and Run the Business
  3. Find a Good Location for the Café’s Business Premises
  4. Negotiate the Lease or Purchase of the Outlet’s Property
  5. Choose a Cool Name for the Café
  6. Incorporate a Company to Operate the Café
  7. Sign the Lease for the Property and Pay the Required Deposit
  8. Get a few Proposals & Compare Costs for Different Renovation Options
  9. Choose a Designer & Contractor for the Design & Build of the new Café
  10. Purchase all Bar, Kitchen and Service Equipment to fit the design plans
  11. Make sure the Electricals and Plumbing are planned at the same time
  12. Confirm the Food and Beverage Menu Items, their Recipes and Costs
  13. Hire all the necessary staff in the kitchen, bar and for customer service
  14. Train the new team in their areas of specialty and Refine their skillsets
  15. Order and Purchase all the Food, Drinks and Stocks needed to run the bar and kitchen
  16. Conduct a Food and Drinks tasting session with the whole team
  17. Do a trial run serving friends and family before opening to the public

If you’ve started or managed a cafe before, this process will be a lot easier than if you’re doing it for the first time.

For new owners who don’t have the startup experience, it would be a good idea to hire a manager who comes with the necessary knowledge to setup systems, train the staff and get the cafe opened.